Pachet Terrain Slaves to Darkness Nexus Chaotica

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Infernal faction terrain for Slaves to Darkness armies

Show your dedication to the Ruinous Powers at this accursed shrine

Channel the sorcerous powers of Chaos on the battlefields of the Mortal Realms


A Nexus Chaotica is a shrine to ruin. Constructed at a confluence where magical ley lines converge, it draws power from the realms and into a floating crucible. Within are bound captive daemons, whose own infernal energies are exchanged with the ley lines – transmitting the corruptive energies of Chaos far and wide.

This multipart plastic boxed set builds a Nexus Chaotica, a realm-tainting terrain piece for Slaves to Darkness armies. This hellish construct is loaded with dramatic details, from dark runes and a floating obelisk to the daemonic flames at its core. The kit includes


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