Vopsea + Ceasca, GW, New Shade Paints and Mug Bundle

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  • 19 new Shade paints in one bundle
  • Created using a new formula – now more effective than ever
  • Includes a free mug – available while stocks last!


Complete your Citadel Colour paint collection with this bundle of all 19 new and reformulated Shade paints – plus, you’ll get an awesome free mug in which to wash your brushes!*

This bundle contains:
1x Shade: Kroak Green (18ml)
1x Shade: Poxwalker (18ml)
1x Shade: Targor Rageshade (18ml)
1x Shade: Mortarion Grime (18ml)
1x Shade: Tyran Blue (18ml)
1x Shade: Berserker Bloodshade (18ml)
1x Shade: Soulblight Grey (18ml)
1x Shade: Carroburg Crimson (18ml)
1x Shade: Nuln Oil (18ml)
1x Shade: Agrax Earthshade (18ml)
1x Shade: Druchii Violet (18ml)
1x Shade: Drakenhof Nightshade (18ml)
1x Shade: Casandora Yellow (18ml)
1x Shade: Biel-Tan Green (18ml)
1x Shade: Fuegan Orange (18ml)
1x Shade: Athonian Camoshade (18ml)
1x Shade: Coelia Greenshade (18ml)
1x Shade: Seraphim Sepia (18ml)
1x Shade: Reikland Fleshshade (18ml)
1x Citadel Colour Mug

* The free mug included with this bundle is limited in number. As such, this bundle is only available while stocks last.


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