Carte Warhammer 40k, World Bearers The Omnibus

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A Chaos Space Marines Omnibus

Following the fanatical exploits of First Acolyte Marduk and the 34th Host, this omnibus edition collects all three Word Bearers series novels and an additional short story.


Delve into the daemon-worshipping mania of the Word Bearers as they battle the forces of the False Emperor and see their perspective on the Imperium as they try to tear it down.


The Word Bearers are among the most feared and reviled of all Chaos Space Marines. Fierce warriors with a fanatical religious zeal, they blaze across the galaxy in the service of their Dark Gods. Worlds will burn, and entire civilisations will fall before the fury of the XVII Legion. In the dark days of the 41st Millennium, First Acolyte Marduk leads his fanatical warband, the 34th Host, in service to the Ruinous Powers, with but a single goal – to tear down the Imperium of Man.


Dark Apostle
Dark Disciple
Dark Creed

Written by Anthony Reynolds.


This omnibus collects together the Word bearers Trilogy with the short story Torment

Enter the twisted minds of daemon-worshipping Legionaries as they fight the long war to topple the Imperium

Written by Anthony Reynolds


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