Miniaturi, SMH 2022 Blood Angels Collection One Blind Buy, 8 Pachete

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A new series of the popular blind buy range is here.

This time it focuses on Blood Angels Space Marines.


If you aren’t familiar with blind boxes, they’re simple. There are six sculpts of Space Marine Heroes – this time in the form of Blood Angels – packaged into mystery boxes you can pick up at a variety of stores or online. Each box gives you a chance of getting any one of the six – or if you buy the whole dispensary, you’ll be guaranteed to get one of each, plus two duplicates for a total of eight miniatures!

These Space Marine Heroes are push-fit miniatures in red plastic, stood atop a textured rubble base. They’re armed with a mix of weapons – from classic bolters to brutal heavy weapons – and each can be built with your choice of a bare head or helmet. You might have seen these models before in Ultramarine blue, but they’re now firmly on the side of Sanguinius.


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