Pachet 20 Miniaturi Legiones Astartes MKIV Tactical Squad

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Tactical Squads are the mainstay of the Space Marine Legions, highly versatile infantry units that can attack or defend at will, assault heavily fortified positions, and take and hold strategic objectives – or simply slaughter the enemy – in almost any terrain or situation. All 18 Legions make heavy use of Tactical Squads in different ways – it is by the fighting power of thousands of superhuman warriors such as these, armed with deadly bolters and armoured for battle in the harshest of war zones, that the Imperium has beat a bloody path across the galaxy at the head of the Great Crusade.

Mark IV ‘Maximus Armour’ was designed to offer a fine balance of agility and durability, exploiting many of the advanced technologies recovered by the Great Crusade. Its comparatively lightweight design, armoured external cabling, and redesigned helm make it prized amongst the Legiones Astartes – in the Age of Darkness, the Mark IV is perhaps the most common pattern of power armour seen across the galaxy.


Troops clad in fine MKIV ‘Maximus Armour’

Build the core of a Legiones Astartes army with two 10-man units or one 20-man unit

Lead your squads with customisable Sergeants wielding an array of weapons


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