Pachet 3 Miniaturi Tomb Kings of Khemri Sepulchral Stalkers

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Sepulchral Stalkers are lethal, serpentine constructs, created by the ancient Nehekharans to protect the borders of a king’s realm. Swallowed by centuries of shifting sands, they now lie hidden beneath the dunes, waiting in ambush. When intruders pass, the Stalkers burst from hiding, impaling foes on polearms and writhing tails before they even realise they are under attack. It is their cursed gaze for which the Stalkers are most feared, however – those who meet their hollow eyes wither into pillars of sand, to be scattered by the desert wind.

This multipart plastic kit builds three Sepulchral Stalkers, snake-like constructs animated by the Tomb Kings of Khemri. Crafted from stone, metal, and bone, these ornate creations are nigh-impervious to lesser weapons, and slither across the battlefield with surprising speed. You can customise your constructs with three different segmented tails, poses for the Stalkers’ polearms, and four different heads – three fanged skulls, and one with a noble death mask.

This kit can alternatively build three Necropolis Knights, elite skeletons mounted atop Necroserpent constructs.

This kit comprises 94 plastic components, and comes with 3x Citadel 50x100mm Rectangular Bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.


Three lethal serpentine killers for your Tomb Kings of Khemri army

Animated constructs of stone and metal, armed with massive polearms and a deadly gaze

This kit can alternatively be built as Necropolis Knights mounted on Necroserpent constructs


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