Pachet 3 Miniaturi Wh40k, GW, Endless Spells Ossiarch Bonereapers

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  • Essential faction-specific terrain for your Ossiarch Bonereapers army
  • Punish those who do not pay the tithe
  • Choose how to discipline transgressors


The Ossiarch tithemasters often demand their grisly bounty be left at designated nexuses of power. The soul energy and raw bone of these sites can be drawn upon to heal nearby Ossiarch constructs. If the vassals and mortals nearby refuse the tithe or break contract, the statue at the nexus’ heart lets loose its deadly gaze.

This terrain piece casts its deadly gaze over the battlefield and punishes any who defy the will of Nagash. Choose which sentence to unleash on your foes – the Punishments of Agony, Death, Ignorance or Lethargy. That will be the last time they refuse to pay up.

This 60-piece plastic kit makes one Bone-tithe Nexus, which stands nearly 8″ tall – that’s nearly the height of Nagash himself!


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