Pad pentru Taiat, Green Stuff World, Scale Cutting Mat A3

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Scale Cutting Mat


Scale Cutting Mat

Scale cutting mat is perfect for modeling, measuring, sculpting and general craft cutting and protecting surfaces from craft paints. This pack contains one foldable high-density cutting mat that will help you to cut the perfect angle and size every time. Due to the high-density material, the mat will prevent blades from slipping, which will give you a better cut and will decrease the likeliness of injury.

The scale cutting mat contains guide lines of the most common scales, which will allow you to create armatures for sculpting miniatures of both men and women. Also you will find the same scales and guide lines to create horse and warhorse armatures.

Unfolded dimensions: 300X450mm
Thickness: 2mm
Color: Black
Self Healing High Density PVC Material
Non slip mat


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