Spuma pt Sculptat, GSW, Sculpting and Carving Foam 6mm

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Phenolic Carving Foam 6mm – A4 size

This is a rigid phenolic foam 10pcf density (or 160 kg/㎥) specifically designed for 3D designsculpting, and model making. This low-memory foam can be easily cut with a knife or saw, and textured and carved in great detail by simply pressing any object on the surface creating any types of structures such as buildingswallspavements, etc…
Thanks to its excellent chemical resistance it can be glued with PVA glue, Tuft glue, Glue Gun, and cyanoacrylate glues. It can be painted with any type of paint, water-based or solvent-based.
The tiny granules of the foam itself can be sealed with a coat of diluted white glue, or simply with a coat of primer.


– Hotwire cutting tools does not work with phenolic foams because it is heat resistant up to 300ºF (or 150ºC).
– After cutting any phenolic foam, it is important to clean all metal tools to prevent corrosion in long term.
– Due to the complexity of the lamination process of this material, and despite the fact that we have tried to adjust it as much as possible, the thickness may not be exact, having variations of 0-1mm.


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