Spuma Extrudata Sculptat, Extruded FOAM XPS 30mm – A4

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Extruded FOAM XPS 30mm – A4 size

Closed-cell extruded polystyrene rigid foam XPS is lightweight, tough, durable, ideal for crafting terrains such as hills and cliffs, making gaming boards, different model building elements such as bricks, even buildings, and bases.

It can be worked easily with a hot-wire cutter, hot-knife, sawn, and even cut with a sharp knife. When heated and even when sanded vigorously these materials will give off toxic and noxious fumes. As such always wear a fume mask or work somewhere very well ventilated.


-Extruded polystyrene XPS is capable of giving off toxic fumes when heated. That heating can be achieved when hot-wire cutting, vigorously sanding, and also by application of hot glue.
-This foam should never be worked in an enclosed environment or without wearing a graded fume mask. Cutting styrofoam with an electric saw will also melt and produce fumes.
-Always use appropriate glues such as TUFT GLUE or hot glue to stick styrofoam together.
-Standard PVA glue or white glue will only stick this foam where they have contact with the air, where air cannot reach the glue then the glue will NOT set and remain liquid.
-Dust produced when sanding or cutting styrofoams with a saw is also hazardous and should be avoided by wearing a dust mask and using appropriate ventilation and other safety measures.
-The safe maximum use temperature of extruded polystyrene foam XPS, is 75 degrees Celsius (167º Fahrenheit).